Memphis Tiger Swimming (MTS) is the oldest and most heralded year-round swim club throughout the Mid-South region founded in 1971 by legendary swimming coach Dick Fadgen.  As a prominent member of USA Swimming and Southeastern LSC (SES), MTS has led a storied tradition as a community club with a national presence. Memphis Tiger swimmers have excelled at every level over the years, from summer league to high school champions, to state, collegiate, national and international podiums, including sending five athletes to the Olympics.

Memphis Tiger Swimming is a 501(3)c non-profit organization headquartered at the South Campus of University of Memphis, in the newly renovated Myrtha Olympic-sized Dick Fadgen Pool.  As a proud torchbearer of diversity and inclusion for over 50 years, MTS provides competitive swimming opportunities for swimmers of all levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.  MTS offers outreach, financial assistance, scholarships and other reduced-fee programs to those in need.

Memphis Tiger Swimming is led by the Head Coach/CEO with support of the Board of Directors, team administrator and a staff of professional assistant coaches.  MTS benefits from a loving force of parent volunteers to support team activities and meet operations.


Memphis Tiger Swimming provides inclusive competitive swimming opportunities and training to the Mid-South region for swimmers of all levels, promoting excellence, physical fitness and high character values such as honesty, integrity, dedication and sportsmanship through the sport of swimming.  Memphis Tiger Swimming is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants, implementing Safe Sport athlete protection policies and best practices throughout all our programs and activities.


Memphis Tiger Swimming fosters a winning culture of positivity and creativity, we call it SWIMYAH: Swimming with Intensity, Mastery, Yearning and Heart. With an emphasis on yearning and heart, Memphis Tiger exemplifies a personal growth mindset with a genuine passion in all that we pursue—in and out of the pool. Our minds and our hearts are always open to the boundless possibilities and the highest aspirations.


Memphis Tiger promotes self-improvement, personal growth and goal achievement over a multi-phase TEAM-first progression.  Our program teaches swimming fundamentals with a focus on long-term development.  All teaching and training is IM-based, emphasizing all competitive strokes and distances.  As skills are developed and enhanced, Memphis Tiger swimmers develop a love of the sport and a commitment to working TOGETHER to achieve our goals. 


Our program is designed for an athlete’s LONG-TERM development as they progress through three comprehensive phases:  DISCOVER, CHALLENGE and ACHIEVE.  Our goal is to develop well-rounded, versatile athletes with an abundance of aerobic capacity.

Memphis Tiger swimmers train to race, we do not train to train.

We believe competition is fun and gives our young athletes proper motivation to do their best, providing hard-earned rewards and important feedback for improvement.

Memphis Tiger values hard work, self-discipline and perseverance to create a culture of positivity, motivated athletes and TEAM success.