Memphis Tiger Swimming strives to keep to our training as scheduled, but occasionally we must proceed with caution when there is a chance of inclement weather occurring during our practice times.  Weather forecasts will often vary site to site, with very different outlooks expected at each of our pools.  Our coaches stay vigilant before, during and after scheduled practices, always keeping in mind that safety comes first.  Practices will be held on days with challenging weather conditions; however, in the event of severe weather indications coaches do their best to determine as early as possible whether practices can continue or should be cancelled.

All notices and changes regarding practices are communicated via “Practice Schedule Update” emails and through our social media platforms if necessary.  Please do NOT contact a coach about the status of a practice before or during practice—always assume practice is ON until it is announced otherwise.  As always, please use good judgment regarding road conditions and personal safety.  Safe travel is a consideration and always a priority.

In the event bad weather approaches during practice, our coaches will closely monitor the changing conditions and utilize local radar apps to track, taking safety precautions as needed including to clear the pool if necessary.  At pools with on-site facility staff and/or lifeguards on duty, coaches will cooperate and assist with all facility safety plans and protocols.

Practices interrupted by inclement weather may be cancelled or delayed until conditions settle.  Coaches will determine whether it is safe to continue training during delays with drylands or other activities in a safe area or may decide to cancel practice for the day.

Rest assured, our coaches are trained to stay alert and to always do what is best for the safety of our swimmers.