We are grateful to have an awesome crew of certified officials representing and supporting Memphis Tiger Swimming.  Serving as a meet official is a great opportunity to HELP OUR TEAM and we could always use a few new rock stars to join us on deck. 

USA Swimming is one of the strongest governing bodies in all of sport thanks to the efforts of our volunteers.  Officials are the lifeblood of USA Swimming and volunteers makeup our officials at all levels in USA Swimming, from local club meets all the way up to Olympic Trials.  MTS relies on our dedicated parent volunteers to support team activities and meet operations, including supplying certified officials for swim meets we host and travel to. Having a strong corps of officials enables us to host home meets which in turn help us to keep our team fees affordable.

Big THANK YOU to all our MTS officials!

NEW PARENTS TO SWIMMING:  If you are new to the team and new to swim meets, the officials are the good people working the pool deck in white shirts and paying close attention to all the swimmers in each race.  Meet officials provide adjudication and administration at swim meets.  Officials are the ones that write up disqualifications (known as DQs) on yellow slips for any rule infractions that might occur during races throughout the meet.  Swim meets are simply not possible without meet officials.

Why You Should Take An Officials Clinic:

1.  To increase your swimming knowledge by learning the official rules of USA Swimming.

2.  To enjoy the camaraderie of working with other committed and knowledgeable parents.

3.  To go nuts with the wardrobe options:  khaki/white or white/khaki.

4.  To become indispensable, no officials = no meets.

5.  To gain access to the deck and hospitality room—free food & drinks!



Follow these basic steps, which include attending an officials stroke and turn clinic and serving as a novice official.

  • Attend an officials clinic (stroke and turn or administrative official training)
  • Complete a Level 2 Background Check
  • Complete Athlete Protection Training
  • Complete Concussion Protocol Training
  • Complete on-deck sessions shadowing a certified official

Taking an officials clinic is a wonderful opportunity for our new parents to learn more about our sport and to get more involved.  Even if you just have only a passing interest or just aren’t really sure at the moment, you are welcome to attend a clinic and see what being an official is all about.

To get started, visit SE Officials page to learn more about our LSC officials process and contacts.