SWIM AND TRI is the official team store provider for Memphis Tiger.  For team apparel, training equipment and all your swimming needs, visit our TEAM STORE or contact them at 877-794-6874.

Memphis Tiger Swimming is proud to be sponsored by Speedo!  To receive sponsorship discounts for Speedo suits and products, you must purchase directly from Swim and Tri. 

Swimmers need to purchase the training equipment required for your training group.  Check with your coach for specific equipment recommendations.


Practice suits and racing suits can be purchased from Swim and Tri.  Swimmers are encouraged to wear team suits or approved tech suits at meets, but may wear any other legal racing suit.

TEAM SUITS:  Team suits with team logo are available at Swim and Tri.

TECH SUITS:  13&Over swimmers may wear a FINA approved high performance technical suit at meets.

SPEEDO TECH SUITS:  Check with Coach David for additional Speedo discount pricing and rewards for qualifying and participating at Sectionals and other upper level qualifying meets.

12&UNDER TECH SUIT RESTRICTIONS:  12&Unders are no longer allowed to wear high performance tech suits at meets with the exception of upper level national meets such as Junior Nationals, U.S. Open, National Championships and Olympic Trials.  12&Unders may wear tech suits that have a GREEN CHECK mark.  For questions about 12&under tech suits, contact a coach.  For more info:  12&Under Tech Suit Restrictions.

Speedo offers approved FAST SUITS for 12&Unders that can be purchased at Swim and Tri.

Swimmers are required to wear a TEAM CAP at all meets and encouraged to wear a team cap at practice.

TEAM CAPS can be purchased from Coach David at meets or at practice. 

Silicone caps are $15.00, latex caps are $5.00, dome caps are $30.00.

Cap purchases will be charged to your account.

Team Stickers can be purchased for $4.00 each and Team Magnets for $6.00.