New Swimmer Evaluation Tryouts

David Orr

Thank you for your interest in Memphis Tiger Swimming!  

All swimmers must be beyond swim lessons and able to swim a lap of freestyle and backstroke to be eligible for Memphis Tiger Swimming.  

New swimmers to USA Swimming ages 5-18 must be evaluated by an MTS coach before registering for the team. 

HOW TO SCHEDULE A TRYOUT:  Contact Tiaa Ferguson at [email protected] to schedule a day to be evaluated and for any questions about joining Memphis Tiger Swimming.

THE TRYOUT:  It only takes a few minutes to be evaluated by an MTS coach.  Swimmers will swim a few laps and asked to demonstrate the strokes they can swim as well as other general swimming skills.

GROUP PLACEMENT After being evaluated, swimmers who are eligible to join will be informed of their group placement and may proceed with registration for the team.

TRANSFERS:  Swimmers transferring to MTS from another USA Swimming club may not have to be evaluated provided they have been participating in swim meets, coaches will use recent swim meet results to decide group placement.

Information regarding training groups, practice schedules, meets, fees, etc. is posted on MTS website.

Go Tigers!!